Katie Couric's Notebook: Chinese Firewall

It's a Great Wall so vast not even David Copperfield could pass through it - the firewall restricting Internet access in China.

For more than a decade, the Communist Party has been censoring online content including sites about Tibet and the massacre at Tiananmen Square.  It also blocks YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, Google redirected its Chinese search engine to Hong Kong where it won't be filtered.  The domain site Go Daddy is unplugging in China, as well.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said refusal to support censorship should be a trademark of American tech companies and human rights groups have called on Cisco, Microsoft and others to stop providing services to the Chinese government.

With the world's largest tech market at stake, a total disappearing act isn't likely.

But imagine the magical moment - if all those industry leaders would collectively say, "Mr. Hu Jintao - tear down this firewall."

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.