Katie Couric's Notebook: Children of the Recession

They share none of the blame for America's economic crisis, yet they shoulder all of the consequences.

That is too much of a burden for any child to bear.

Since the recession began, more than one million children have lost health insurance as their parents lose their jobs.

One in 50 American children is homeless, and as more homes go into foreclosure that number will rise.

Beginning next week, CBS News will show you the suffering the recession is causing children, and the solutions some people have found, like a program that provides temporary placement for kids whose parents just can't make ends meet, and a high school where teachers are spending their own money to pay for their students' test fees, prom dresses, in some cases, even food.

Our economy impacts banks and bottom lines, but at CBS News we're making a network-wide commitment to shine a spotlight on people we cannot afford to ignore: the Children of the Recession.

That's a page from my notebook.