Katie Couric's Notebook: American Voices

During the summer of our political discontent, Americans vented frustration about elected officials not listening to what they want and need especially when it comes to the economy.

On November 2, the people will be heard through the democratic process. But what will they say? Will they choose to stay the course or will they choose to make a change?

Before they cast their votes, some of them will speak their minds on the CBS Evening News.

Tonight we're beginning a special series called American Voices, real people giving their views on the real issues that matter most.

In Ohio, I met four unemployed workers with diverse background and opinions. They didn't agree on how to make things better, but they agreed to listen to one another. 

Maybe Washington should take a page from this playbook. Stop reacting to the loudest most extreme voices, and instead find some common ground.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.