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Katie Couric's Notebook: Air Force One

(AP Photo/Jason McLane)
As it turns out, swine flu isn't the only airborne problem the Obama administration is addressing today.

There's still some turbulence over the decision to fly a backup Air Force One near the Statue of Liberty. Escorted by fighter jets, it was meant as a photo-op to replace an existing shot of the plane in a series of photos showing it flying by U.S. landmarks.

The reactions have been anything but picturesque.

Fearing another terrorist attack, many New Yorkers fled their office buildings. Mayor Bloomberg was caught off-guard, saying he didn't find out about the plan until it was happening - when his blackberry started buzzing.

Others say it was a waste of cash. At a reported $40,000 an hour to operate, it's an expensive picture of that plane.

Today, President Obama admitted it was a mistake and said it won't happen again.

As for Lady Liberty, she's wondering if anyone at the Pentagon has heard of a little program called Photoshop.

That's a page from my notebook.

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