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​Kathie Lee Gifford makes an emotional return to TV

Kathie Lee Gifford returned to TV on Monday for the first time since losing her longtime husband, Frank Gifford, on Aug. 9 at age 84.

In a teary "Today" show segment, the 62-year-old TV host provided insight into her husband's private life, his experiences growing up and even his last few moments.

"He passed away instantly that morning, all dressed in what he knew was my favorite outfit -- white shirt, very tight black jeans -- having his coffee, watching his TV, getting ready to go, ready for church, and excited about what we were gonna have for lunch," she said about the NFL Hall of Famer who died of natural causes. "I'm grateful the Lord took him that way. Because the only thing Frank was ever afraid of in his entire life was being a burden to those he loved."

Gifford said they laughed until the very end, adding, "I just want everybody to know that this is a man who was at complete peace in his life," she said. "He might have been the happiest, most content person in the world at this point in his life."

She also thanked everyone for their support during the difficult time, saying, "Just just the outpouring has been extraordinary. It's a heck of a way to find out how loved you are. Believe me, my family and I got great strength and comfort from it."

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