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Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been a professional actress since the age of 12 - but her career as a professional beauty began even earlier: She was a model from the age of 9.

Heigl has appeared in almost two dozen films, from "The Tempest" to "Bride of Chucky." Her leading men have ranged from Gerard Depardieu to Steven Seagal, though they often were playing her father or uncle.

Photos: A Model Doctor
For three years she was the star of the WB TV series "Roswell," playing Isabel, a literally alienated teenager - her character came from outer space. Beginning in March 2005, she has played Dr. Isabel "Izzy" Stevens in ABC's hit drama "Grey's Anatomy," a performance that earned her an Emmy nomination. She continues to perform in films, most recently as the suddenly pregnant beauty in "Knocked Up"

Her looks have put her on various men's magazine's lists of sexiest women in the world.