Kate's trip: 40 outfits for 9 days?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, AT fourth round match between Andy Murray of Great Britain and Richard Gasquet of France on Day Seven of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships this week
Clive Mason

So how many outfits does a young British royal newlywed need for a nine-day trip to North America?

Did someone say - 40?

"I think the number is just speculation," CBS News royal contributor Victoria Arbiter remarked to "Early Show" co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis. "Somebody's just gone along and counted the number of engagements she's going to have. But, certainly, fashion is going to be a very big highlight of the trip, as will her jewelry.

"She's been seen this week sporting a bracelet with a charm on it which, reports are saying, was a personal wedding gift from Camilla (Prince Charles' wife) to Kate. The women have become quite tight. I think Camilla's been a tremendous support for Kate as she's tried to get a handle on royal life.

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"It's got Catherine's monogram on one side and Camilla's on the other. It's quite interesting that she's wearing (the late Princess) Diana's ring on one hand (the late mother of Catherine's husband, Prince Williams) and she's got Camilla's bracelet on the other wrist. .. two women who really are a strong presence in her life."

Arbiter also said the Newsweek story on what Diana might be like if she were still alive a "tactless, tasteless magazine cover, to put Kate alongside Diana, there's just so much about it that seems unseemly.

"The article itself is talking about how many Facebook friends Diana would have, how much Botox she would have. Yes, perhaps they're trying to have a little bit of fun with the subject, but, it just doesn't feel like a subject that should be fun at this point."

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