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Kate Middleton puts on her "blushing bride" face

What's left to do for Prince William and Kate Middleton on the eve of the royal wedding?

Apparently not much. And it's a good thing, too, according to CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter. Now the couple, Arbiter said, can finally enjoy themselves -- and it looks like they are.

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On "The Early Show," Arbiter said Kate, who was spotted as recently as Thursday morning at Westminster Abbey, finally looks like she's having some fun.

"She looked relaxed. She looked rosy, she looked jolly. She looked like a blushing bride," Arbiter said.

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She added, "The last time we saw her in an official capacity was up in Lancashire, where everybody was talking about her weight, 'she looked stressed,' 'she looked tired.' It looked like it was getting to her a bit, so I'm delighted to see that she's clearly having a blast."

"Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill observed that Middleton also looks gorgeous in a new official photo, by Mario Testino.

"The two of them just look so happy," Hill said. "... It's just a gorgeous picture of a couple that appears to be in love."

Arbiter said, "It's radiant, isn't it? I mean, it's just a stunning picture. Mario Testino doesn't take a bad picture. And neither do these two. I think William looks like (Princess) Diana in this picture. But you can see the joy emanating from them. If there's any doubters still out there, you have only to look at this picture and you can be convinced."

In other royal preparations, Arbiter said giant screens have been put up in Trafalgar Square for people to watch the wedding live.

"They are huge," Arbiter said. "What's so funny, this is how excited people are at this point: They were taking pictures of the workmen putting screens up. When the flower truck arrived at Westminster Abbey the other night, they were taking pictures of the flower trucks. People can really feel like they're involved now, and this anticipation that's building is phenomenal."

So is there anything left to do before the wedding?

"I'm hoping they can all just sit and take a breather (now)," Arbiter said. "  ... It's the Lord Chamberlain's job to make sure everything is organized with military precision. It's done. Now that they've had the bridesmaids rehearsal this morning, I hope they're going to put their feet up and enjoy."

Hill noted the official royal wedding program was released Thursday morning, and it's official: Kate will not say the word "obey" in her vows.

In addition, Arbiter noted, the program reveals a few other details.

"What was really nice is, generally, the archbishop of Canterbury is responsible for doing a message right at the beginning of the program. But William and Kate felt they wanted to thank everybody for the support they've had. They're literally bringing the country, if not the world, to a standstill tomorrow. So to see them thank everyone and appreciate the affection they've received is really quite charming."

For herself, Arbiter said she's excited the royal wedding still has some surprises around the bend.

"I love that Kate kept the dress a surprise. We have no idea to expect," she said. "The kiss on the balcony (hopefully coming up). It's just been such a privilege to witness it firsthand. I can't wait to get the party started."

CBS News' complete wedding coverage kicks off at 4:00 a.m. Eastern Friday morning with Katie Couric at Westminster Abbey.

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