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Karr To Face Judge

John Mark Karr, suspected in the killing of JonBenet Ramsey, will make his first of many expected court appearances Tuesday when he goes before a judge and decides whether to fight extradition.

Karr's waiver of an extradition hearing would allow authorities to whisk him to Boulder, Colorado — the city where the 6-year-old beauty pageant princess was brutally slain a decade ago. Otherwise the process could take several days, prosecutors say.

"What we're really focusing on is getting him back to Colorado and getting through that first appearance and going from there," said Carolyn French, spokeswoman for the district attorney of Boulder County, where authorities have a sealed arrest warrant for Karr.

The 41-year-old teacher has told reporters he was with JonBenet when she died and that her slaying in the basement of her home on Dec. 26, 1996, was an accident. Little is publicly known, however, about what evidence Boulder officials have.

CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports that sources said Karr knows too much about the Ramsey house to be lying, details the public couldn't know.

Freelance journalist Mike Sandrock met him, by chance, in Paris four years ago, told Cobiella that Karr knew more about the case than reporters at the hometown paper in Boulder.

"I had an inkling that somehow he was involved in the case and it was just too much. And, like I said, i don't know if he did it, but there's definitely some kind of connection there."

Karr spent Monday in a high-security jail cell, where officials said he met with various lawyers. They included attorneys from the public defender's office and San Jose lawyer Patience Van Zandt, who represented Karr when he was charged in 2001 with possessing child pornography in Northern California.

It was unclear who would represent Karr Tuesday.

In Los Angeles County's Twin Towers, Karr is in a high-security isolation cell and kept far away from the other 3,500 male inmates.

"There may be inmates in here who might take an opportunity to hurt him, so we have to be careful," said sheriff's Chief Marc Klugman, who oversees county jails.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has yet to be asked to compare any evidence from Karr with evidence taken from the Ramsey crime scene, bureau spokesman Lance Clem said Monday.

A law enforcement official said last week on condition of anonymity that Karr was given a mouth-swab DNA test in Bangkok, but the results of that test were not known.

The Boulder district attorney's spokeswoman declined to comment on any evidence in the case.

Media organizations including The Associated Press on Monday asked a judge to unseal the arrest warrant and other documents involving Karr. The filing noted previous mistakes in the Ramsey investigation and said there is "great public interest" in whether Karr's arrest "is yet another `mistake."'

In an Aug. 15 order, Boulder County District Judge Roxanne Bailin ordered case documents sealed, saying disclosure could jeopardize the investigation. Monday's filing asked her to consider releasing edited versions of the documents if she rules against their full release.

In recent years Karr apparently traveled to Europe, Central America and Asia to search for teaching jobs. He taught in at least two schools in two Thai schools. U.S. authorities brought him from Thailand to Los Angeles on a commercial flight Sunday.