Kappa Sigma Frat Branding Leaves "Butt Cheek Destroyed"; Amon Carter IV's Family Outraged

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(Personal Photo)
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FORT WORTH (CBS) There is no doubt that Amon G. "Chance" Carter IV will remember his college days at Texas Christian University.

Photo: Amon G. "Chance" Carter IV and his father.

The scion of a Fort Worth publishing dynasty says he was brutally branded by his Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers with a hot coat hanger, and his family may pursue civil and criminal charges against his alleged attackers.

The branding was started on a spring break trip more than a year ago, according to the Star-Telegram.

Photo: The Branding.

Carter said that after a night of drinking and "getting rowdy," at some point he agreed to allow those on a recent Breckenridge, Colo. ski trip to finish branding the Kappa Sigma letters into his butt, according to the paper.

But the art project got carried away, the sophomore said, and his fraternity brothers also took it upon themselves to brand large triangles on his other, untouched, buttock while he was passed out.

Photo: Amon G. "Chance" Carter IV.

"I woke up the next morning and I was in a lot of pain," Carter told the newspaper.
"My whole other butt cheek was destroyed."

Carter will have surgery to repair the damage. His family attorney says that up to 18 people witnessed the incident.

TCU officials say they are investigating.

"University policy prohibits harming another student, which would obviously include branding," spokeswoman Lisa Albert said.

Mitchell Wilson, the executive director of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, says that it, too, has begun an investigation.

"We certainly do not tolerate this type of behavior," he said to the Star-Telegram.

Carter is the great-grandson of Amon G. Carter Sr., the founder of the Star-Telegram and a Fort Worth civic leader.