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Kansas and Kansas State basketball game ends in brawl with at least one player wielding stool

The Kansas and Kansas State basketball teams ended their bitter showdown Tuesday night with a wild melee behind the basket that included punches, shoving and at least one player picking up a stool. According to CBS Sports, the brawl began with Kansas' Silvio De Sousa swatting DaJuan Gordon as time expired, moments after the Kansas Jayhawks tried to dribble out the time on their 81-60 victory.

The fight began after the Wildcats' DaJuan Gordon batted the ball away from De Sousa near midcourt and tried to go in for a layup. De Sousa recovered and blocked his shot, sending Gordon to the floor, and then stood over him yelling.

That interaction triggered punches and cleared out bleachers. At one point, De Sousa picked up a stool and held it above his head before assistant coach Jerrance Howard grabbed it from him.

It took both coaching staffs and security to separate the teams.

Both teams were then summoned back from the locker rooms by officials and one-tenth of a second was put on the clock. Kansas State shot technical free throws to booing from a few thousand fans, necessitating a change to the final score.

CBS Sports reported that De Sousa likely faces a suspension and other players may be reprimanded.

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