Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" gets a parody with a Star Wars twist

(CBS News) I'll go ahead admit this right now: we here at The Feed are huge fans of Star Wars. There, I said it. We geek out on all things lightsabers and Force-related. And we can't help but post up just about any video with a clever play on the greatest science-fiction series of movies that ever was in the history of forever and ever. So with that out of the way, you shouldn't be surprised at all that we're compelled to post up this parody of Justin Bieber's hit song "Boyfriend" with a Star Wars twist. We really just can't help ourselves.

Aptly entitled "Droidfriend", the amusing parody piece of music was posted by IGN's START channel, created by Teddie Films and featuring none other than C3-Bieb-O himself who "wants to be the only droid you want." Punny? Sure, but also cute and clever.  And who doesn't like the occasional pun, right?

And for those who are a bit more purist in their love of Star Wars tributes, don't worry, we've got you covered. We're going to double up this post with an amazing musical homage below in honor of the iconic cantina scene posted by YouTube user CharlesLaurita. Enjoy!