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Justin Bieber punches fan in Barcelona

Justin Bieber continues to have trouble relating to fans on his current European tour, from chastising them for screaming during his monologues to actually punching one in the face. 

Amateur video captured Bieber arriving for a concert in Barcelona on Tuesday, when his car was met by excited, screaming fans outside the venue. As the “Sorry” singer’s car approached -- with him seated in the back, his window open -- one particularly eager male fan hurried alongside and reached in to touch Bieber.

As the video, obtained by TMZ, showed, Bieber responded by punching the young man in the face. 

As Bieber’s car continued on, the fan revealed his lip was bleeding as a result of the blow.  

“He just punched me,” the unidentified man said in Spanish. “I touched his face like this and he went, boom!”

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