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Justin Bieber is getting a Comedy Central roast

A lot of dreams are about to come true.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber will be Comedy Central's next roast victim. The special is scheduled to air on Comedy Central on March 7.

According to Ryan Seacrest's website, the 20-year-old singer has been aching to be roasted for years, and given his recent behavior, now seems like the proper time.

"Justin has been asking us for years to roast him," Comedy Central said, "so we kept telling him to create some more material and we're thrilled he listened."

Bieber is thrilled as well, tweeting about the upcoming event Tuesday:

The star is no stranger to tasteful ridicule. After "Saturday Night Live" parodied his Calvin Klein campaign last week, he tweeted, "@SNL Well played, lol."

Bieber's Comedy Central roast will be the network's first since the 2013 roast of James Franco. Other celebrities that have gotten their own special in recent years include Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and Joan Rivers.

Bieber's roasters have yet to be confirmed (but we're pulling for you, Usher.)

Tell us: Will you watch Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber? Who should roast him?

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