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Justin Bieber gets irritated in deposition

Justin Bieber was none too thrilled to attend a deposition last Thursday in Miami in connection to the lawsuit a photographer filed against his bodyguard.

In a series of videos, posted Monday by TMZ, the 20-year-old pop star is seen getting irritated and acting smug while being questioned by the photographer's attorney for four and a half hours. At one point, he called the male lawyer "Katie Couric" and later said, "This seems like a '60 Minutes' interview."

Things got heated at the mention of Bieber's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. (For the record, these two could be back on again; they were reportedly spotted getting cozy last Friday in McAllen, Texas.)

"Do you know Selena Gomez?" the attorney asks Bieber in the clip. "Yes," Bieber replies. "You've been dating her at some point in time?" the lawyer asks before Bieber says, "What's relevant to that -- why are you asking that question?"

They exchange some more words before Bieber emphatically says multiple times: "Don't ask me about her again." By the end, Bieber and his attorney storm out of the room.

The deposition is in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by photographer Jeffry Binion, who claimed last June that Bieber instructed his bodyguards to assault him and take away his equipment. The alleged incident occurred June 5 as Bieber and his crew were exiting the Hit Factory recording studio in Miami.

See Bieber get agitated in one of the deposition clips below:

Watch Bieber get questioned about Gomez:

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