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Justin Bieber accidentally sets mom's hair on fire (VIDEO)

(CBS) Justin Bieber's plan to wish his mother a happy birthday went up in smoke - literally - when candles on a cake accidently set her hair on fire.

The 17-year-old pop star brought his mom, Pattie Mallette, onstage at the end of his concert Saturday night in Berlin, and surprised her with a cake for her 35th birthday.

Pictures: Justin Bieber

As the audience sang "Happy Birthday," Malette leaned over to blow out the candles - and a few strands of her hair ignited.

Bieber quickly noticed what happened and patted down his mother's hair.

"Sick show in Berlin... brought @studiomama on stage 2 sing her happy bday but she lit her hair on fire with the candles. lol. i saved her," he tweeted later.

Mallette wrote on her own Twitter page, "Thank you for all your b-day wishes!! All I want is your prayers. Thank u @justinbieber for the cake (& embarrassing me on stage lol.) Xo."

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