Justice And The Dream

In thinking about the American Dream, as we here at CBS are trying to encourage these days, one should not underestimate justice. The whole notion of equal justice under the law is an important part of both the idea and the ideal we call the American Dream.

As a nation, as a people, as a society we are committed to the goal of equal justice under the law, beginning with Constitutional guarantees. That includes the guarantees embodied in the Bill of Rights.

No, we have not accomplished equal justice under the law for all of our people in all circumstances, each and every time. Not yet. But, we have done so to a truly remarkable degree, far more than any nation in history. And the fact that we are still committed to it as a goal is important.

It may not be humanly possible to provide equal justice under the law to everyone all of the time. But, it is a goat worthy of great people. And just because it may be a goal unachievable to perfection doesnÂ't mean it isnÂ't worth continually striving to achieve it. The fact that we Americans do continue trying to come as close as possible to the lofty goal is an integral part of the American Dream.

Cynics, at home and abroad, can carp all they like about the flaws in our system and practice of justice. And we must remember the fact that some, perhaps much of the criticism is justified—as much as it hurts.

But for the people in the United States, as well as for the many millions longing to come here, equal justice under the law remains a living, breathing part of the American Dream.