Just some truly spectacular urban paragliding

(CBS) - It's Friday and on this day of days I'm all about finding material that is cool, calm, musical or fun. Possibly furry. First up is a video that is a definite mixture of cool, calm and fun.  Check out some truly spectacular urban paragliding.

So are we off to a good start?  The sweet video entitled "Urban Side" was posted onto YouTube by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, who writes about himself:

I'm a paragliding pilot since 2004 and my thing is the acro flight. Out of the acro competition, i work [to develop] and research wings [to] continue to make an evolution in my sport. My goal is to share my paragliding universe with my videos

If you'd like to learn more about Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, you can visit his website by clicking here or check out more of his YouTube videos by clicking here.