Just In Time For Christmas — Another Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan (R) and sister Ali Lohan attend the after party for the "A Prairie Home Companion" premiere at the Hudson Hotel June 4, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)
Getty Images/Evan Agostini
What do you get the girl who has everything for Christmas?

That's the question Ali Lohan is struggling with right now.

"It's just really hard for my sister because she has a lot, so I probably am just going to get her something made that nobody else has," Ali says of her big sister, actress-singer Lindsay Lohan. "I'm going to make her maybe like a bracelet or something, but I don't know other than that."

Ali's new debut album, "Lohan Holiday," a 12-track Christmas CD that hit stores Nov. 21, seems like a fitting gift. After all, Lindsay is part of the inspiration behind it.

"I always watched my sister grow up and she's been my inspiration," says Ali. "I've just watched her in the recording studio and she seemed like she had so much fun doing it, now like I have the chance, I have an album out there which is pretty cool."

2The album, which Ali says was her mom Dina's idea, is a compilation of remixed Christmas classics and original songs which extol the joys of the holiday season. The title track features her 20-year old sister. On another track, "Santa's Reindeer Ride," Ali sings with Amy Grant.

Ali, who turns 13 on Dec. 22, says that she wanted to do the album "basically because Christmas is like my favorite holiday, especially because my birthday's around it."

Ali helped write a lot of the songs on the album. Her favorite track is the old standard, "Winter Wonderland." "I always listened to that song as I was growing up," she says.

Christmastime at the Lohan's is full of food and family, and Ali is gearing up for it all. Lindsay is the oldest of the Lohan brood, brother Michael is 18, and brother Dakota is 10.

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"A lot of family comes over and we just hang out. We don't, like, sing Christmas carols or any of that kind of stuff. We basically just, like, chill," she says. "Me and my sister bake cookies and we make pies and stuff. It's a lot of fun."