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Just In: Meyer And Ververs Different People!

Since it's obvious there is some confusion out there, let me get this on the record once and for all: Dick Meyer is not my evil twin. Smarty pants colleague? Yes. But we (Dick and I, Vaughn Ververs) are in reality two different people.

I mention this only because Howard Kurtz confused the two of us once again in his Media Notes today. I suppose I should be humbled to have been linked to Meyer. After all, Kurtz attributed his words to CBS correspondent John Roberts last week. Then, when Meyer responded, Kurtz said it was me.

Today's mix up wasn't of the "snarky" variety, but more of the "sharp rebuke" kind, taken from Meyer's comments on a BuzzMachine debate. But I'm the nice guy around here, not the jaded and cynical former producer from the Nixon years. The way this identity thing is going, I may find myself there sooner than expected. But if there's ever any question about who's writing what around here, you can always check the byline below.

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