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Julie Chen on why "Big Brother: Over the Top" is special

Julie Chen on "Big Brother" legacy
Julie Chen on why "Big Brother: Over the Top" is special 01:16

Julie Chen talked to CBS’ “Thanksgiving Day Parade” hosts Kevin Frazier and Keltie Knight about why CBS All Access show “Big Brother: Over the Top” is different from other “Big Brother” shows. 

The “Talk” and “Big Brother” host explained that fans approach her all the time to ask about “Big Brother” and she directs them to the CBS website and CBS All Access app. 

“That’s the only place you can see this group of houseguests that are currently living in the ‘Big Brother’ house right now,” she said. “We’re going to have our finale next Thursday and you’ll see who is the winner of ‘Big Brother: Over the Top,’ and America gets to vote for the winner.”

What makes this version so special? Chen explained, “America got to nominate someone every week for eviction … and ultimately America will pick who they want to see be the winner of ‘Big Brother.’”

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