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Julie Benz Open to TSA Pat-Downs

Julie Benz arrives at VEVO's "Ne Yo and Friends" Party on Nov. 21, 2010, in Hollywood, Calif. Craig Barritt/Getty Images for VEVO

NEW YORK (CBS) Unlike many other travelers, "Dexter" and "No Ordinary Family" star Julie Benz says she's all for the Transportation Security Administration's new airport screening procedures.

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"The TSA employees are doing their job," she told Fox News on Thursday. "I'd rather be felt up then have somebody get on a plane with a bomb."

Benz believes that while it's not the best situation to go through a X-ray scan that can peer through your clothes or to be subject to a thorough pat-down inspection, the new screening procedures are necessary security precautions.

"I think right now, unfortunately we live in a time where security on flights is very important. They're working it out. Is this the right choice? Who knows, but it is a choice, and I'd rather be safe then sorry," she said.

"If you want to feel me up, feel me up. I would hate to be on a plane where they didn't catch the guy when he was going through security."