Julianna Margulies talks "The Good Wife" shocker

Fans of the CBS drama "The Good Wife" are still reeling from the events of Sunday night's episode, "Dramatics, Your Honor," which rocked the series at its core.

Online support groups have been set up on social media after (spoiler alert) Will Gardner, the charismatic attorney and on-again off-again love interest for main character Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), was shot to death in a Chicago courtroom.

Gardner was killed off because Josh Charles, the actor who has been playing the character since the series debuted in 2009, wanted to exit the show. Fans are now left wondering how the death will affect Florrick for the rest of this season and beyond (the series was renewed in March for a sixth season).

After the episode aired, Margulies spoke to Facebook users about the dramatic turn in the show's storyline. The actress said that the closely guarded plan to kill off Gardner was presented to her in the earliest stages of developing the story, and she thought it was a "brilliant idea."

"I think the reason everyone wanted Will and Alicia together was because they weren't together," she wrote, adding later on when answering another question, "I actually never thought they could make it, too much baggage on both sides."

Margulies said it will take a very long time for her character to recover from the loss, and she won't be running into the arms of another man anytime soon.

"It's called THE GOOD WIFE! Not the GOOD SLUT!," she wrote.

The actress also revealed that viewers should keep watching the series to see closure between Gardner and Florrick.

"I really encourage you to watch this coming Sunday's episode, you will see what she really thinks about Will. And bring tissues."

"The Good Wife" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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