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Julia Roberts recaps career in 9 minutes on the "Late Late Show" with James Corden

Julia Roberts made her movie debut in 1988, but the actress was able to condense her whole film career into nine minutes on Wednesday's "Late Late Show" when she acted out iconic scenes from her films with host James Corden. 

The two started off with "Notting Hill," with Corden playing Hugh Grant's character, William Thacker. Roberts said her famous line to Corden: "I'm also just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

They moved onto "Mona Lisa Smile," during which Roberts reprised her art history professor character, while Corden played Mona Lisa herself. Then, Corden and Roberts ran through scenes from "Larry Crowne," "Runaway Bride" and "Steel Magnolias," during which Roberts broke character and laughed as Corden played M'Lynn, the mother of Roberts' character Shelby. 

The two nearly kissed recalling a scene from "Closer," while Corden played the rude saleswoman from "Pretty Woman" to whom Roberts retorts the iconic line, "Big mistake. Huge." 

The two actors also highlighted a scene from Roberts' upcoming November movie, "Wonder," and Roberts said to Corden that he wasn't ugly. The host got ruffled and said, "I know I'm not. Who said I'm ugly?" while Roberts assured him it was just a scene from the movie. 

Watch the whole video to see Corden and Roberts sing "I Say a Little Prayer" from "My Best Friend's Wedding."

Julia Roberts Acts Out Her Film Career w/ James Corden by The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube