Julia Corker, Senator Corker's Daughter, Gets Carjacked for Being a Good Samaritan

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS/AP) It just doesn't pay to be a Good Samaritan anymore.

That's the lesson that Julia Corker, the 22-year-old daughter of U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, may walk away with after being carjacked Wednesday night by a man asking for directions.

Photo: Senator Bob Corker in Nov. 2006 with wife, Elizabeth, second from right, and daughters, Emily, left, and Julia, right.

According to Todd Womack, a spokesman for the Tennessee Republican, Julia Corker was driving Wednesday night to an apartment where the family lives near the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., when she was approached by a person asking for directions around 9:30 p.m.

While she was giving directions, another person got in the passenger side of her vehicle and forced Corker out, D.C. police said in a news release. Womack said Julia was thrown to the street but didn't suffer serious injuries.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Senator Corker said that his daughter was doing "remarkably well, she's sore and it's obviously shaken her up, and she's still dealing with police officials here from the area." The senator also pointed out that the area where the carjacking took place is thought to be a relatively safe area about nine blocks from the Capital.

Womack said that the senator was on the scene within minutes of the incident.

Julia Corker's Chevy Tahoe was later found in Prince George's County, Md., where two people were taken into custody, police said. Julia Corker was able to positively identify both suspects, whose names were not released.

One of the suspects was from northeast D.C. and the second was from District Heights, Md., police said. Both will be brought back to Washington on a warrant for unarmed carjacking.