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Judith Light weighs on "Who's the Boss?" reboot

With all the reboots in the works, it's no wonder a star like Alyssa Milano was recently asked what she thinks about making a new version of the '80s show "Who's the Boss?"

When the New York Post's Page Six asked Milano, 42, if she'd be up for a remake, she said, "One hundred percent yes. It would have to be a really good script."

Milano, who played a young Samantha Micelli on the show, added, "I think [my character] would have kids and Tony would be a grandfather."

We caught up with Milano's "Who's the Boss?" co-star Judith Light, who was promoting the Flu + You initiative this week, and asked her what she thought about Milano's comments.

"I was so surprised to hear her say that. I saw that ... and I went, 'Oh my goodness!'" said Light, 66, who played Angela Bower -- a divorced ad exec on the series, which aired from 1984-1992 on ABC.

So would Light ever see herself doing a "Who's the Boss?" reboot?

Judith Light: From "Who's the Boss?" to "Dallas" 06:18

"You know what, I never say no to anything. Life is long and life is short and you never have any idea what's going to happen. I swore that I would never do a sitcom. I swore that I would never do a soap opera and now I have stopped doing that. I have no idea. The possibilities are always open and always there," she said.

Light, though, would have to fit it into her very busy schedule. She just wrapped filming season 2 of Amazon's "Transparent" and is about to hit Broadway this fall in the play "Thérèse Raquin," alongside Keira Knightley.

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