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Judge pays $50 parking ticket, 12 years later


(CBS/AP) FLINT, Mich. - For twelve years a Michigan judge had a $50 parking ticket in his name that he says he just found out about - and just paid, too. The Flint Journal also reports the judge says the ticket was on a car he bought for his mother.

The Flint Journal reports Genesee County Circuit Chief Judge Archie Hayman made payment Friday after a story about the ticket was published on

Hayman says he learned about the ticket Thursday from a reporter for The Flint Journal and paid because it was "the right thing to do." Hayman says the 2000 ticket was issued on a car that he had bought in his name for his mother. Court records had erroneously indicated that the case was closed.

Hayman says he would have paid earlier had he known the ticket existed.

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