Josh Duhamel Taps into His Comedic Side

The last time we saw Josh Duhamel, he was chasing robots in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Now, he's on a different chase in the new romantic comedy, "When in Rome."

Duhamel stars alongside actress Kristen Bell, who plays a crazed New Yorker who is unlucky in love and tries to change her luck on a trip to Rome. After throwing coins into the fountain of love, she is bombarded by all the wrong suitors -- until she meets Duhamel.

"(Bell's) great. She's very talented and very clever," he told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. "It was a blast shooting this movie."

"Do you know what she said about you when you were cast?" Rodriguez asked.

"No way. He's so handsome he's probably an idiot," Bell said at the time about the actor.

"Well, she's pretty much right. Especially about the idiot part!" Duhamel joked.

"Not true. You won her over big-time," Rodriguez added.

Going into this movie, Duhamel looked to his fellow "When in Rome" co-stars, Will Arnett and Danny DeVito, for comedic inspiration.

"It was a little intimidating at first, and luckily it was all about making the best movie we could, and they were really supportive and it was just a lot of fun. The movie turned out so funny," he said.

A self-proclaimed "klutz," he had no problem acting in a physical comedy.

"I've always been a bit gangly and awkward. That part came naturally," he admitted. "The movie is pretty bonkers. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out."

In the film, Duhamel plays a sports writer who used to be a football star; the football part is true in real-life.

Duhamel is also a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, and although he's "a little depressed" about their loss in the National Football Conference championship game, he said he's happy for the victors, the New Orleans Saints, who are going to the Super Bowl.

"Who am I going to root for? We have the Saints and Colts. You know, I like both of these quarterbacks a lot. I like both of the teams. So, I just want a good game. The Saints, maybe, because they haven't won one and I think Drew Brees deserves one. Bit then, so does Peyton Manning..."

There are two major events in the Duhamel household, which he shares with his wife, Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas -- the Super Bowl, which airs next Sunday on CBS and, this Sunday, the Grammys, for which Fergie is nominated in six categories.

"I think they should win some (Grammy awards). This album has just blown up," he said.

At first, Duhamel said the bigger night in their house is the Super Bowl, considering he and his wife are huge football fans. But since Fergie's nominated so many times, the bigger night goes to the Grammys this year.

The couple, who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, will also be presenting at the Grammys on Sunday.

Are children on the horizon for Duhamel and Fergie?

"Hopefully soon," he said.

Duhamel's sister just had twins -- a boy and girl named Oliver and Everett, whom he gushed over. He even showed Rodriguez their pictures on his cell phone.

"Uncle Josh wants to be a daddy," Rodriguez said.

"Yeah that's the plan. She's a little busy right now," Duhamel said of his wife.

"So are you," Rodriguez said.

"I'm busy, too, but it will happen soon enough," he said.

"When in Rome" hits theaters Friday.