JonBenet Probe To Plug Along

The JonBenet Ramsey grand jury case is over, but the investigation into the death of the little girl is far from complete, reports CBS News Correspondent Manuel Gallegus. Prosecutors and police are vowing to keep the investigation going.

Forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee told CBS This Morning Anchor Thalia Assuras that — despite the obstacles to solving the Ramsey murder mystery — "I never give up, I will continue to plug along. We have to do the best we can."

Lee consulted with prosecutors in the days leading up to the dismissal of the grand jury.

He said he will use new technology to re-examine evidence so that "with a little luck, this case may have a chance to have a break soon."

JonBenet Ramsey
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Lee added that the JonBenet crime scene was not handled properland that the initial investigation is "one of the major problems" in the case.

Law enforcement officials — including the team of prosecutors, the Boulder police chief and Colorado's governor — also sent a message that the Ramsey murder will not go unsolved.

Boulder County D.A. Alex Hunter says his refusal to charge anyone with the little girl's murder does not close the case. "I don't think any of us have a sense of quit in us about this case," he said. "We may never get there, but we're not gonna stop working."

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The JonBenet Ramsey Case

Colorado's Governor Bill Owens is considering appointing a special prosecutor in hopes of solving the crime. His critics say it's grandstanding, but the governor insists, "It wouldn't be political, it would be an attempt to make sure that Colorado can have some closure to the case."

Over the past 13 months, the specially appointed, secret grand jury reviewed a mountain of evidence. It would have taken nine of the 12 jurors to return an indictment.

Hunter says the jury did not come up empty. They significantly advanced this case. The district attorney made it clear that Jon and Patsy Ramsey are still included in the list of potential suspects.

Still, law enforcement seemed disappointed that an arrest will not come soon. The Boulder community shares that feeling. Most local residents are tired of the reputation the town has as the murder site of the six-year-old beauty queen.