JonBenet Media Frenzy Builds

The atmosphere around the Boulder, Colo. courthouse is hectic, reports CBS News Correspondent Manuel Gallegus. The national media are camped-out. Print reporters line the street accompanied by about 50 television cameras.

A "media-free zone" is up around the building keeping the press away from the grand jury, while crews are shooting a made-for-TV movie — Perfect Murder, Perfect Town — about the case. That occasionally translates into movie cameras filming local reporters that are filming national reporters.

Mostly, the locals are taking the media mob in stride, but a few angry people have voiced their frustration.

Some residents say people care more about the Ramsey case outside of Boulder than they do inside.

Reporters and photographers queue up on the curb across the street from the Boulder County Justice Center.

Since the Ramsey family left town and moved to Atlanta, the case has lost some of its appeal to Boulder residents.

After the Ramsey family moved, a consortium of some of the family's wealthy friends purchased and beautified the house and began renting it out to students from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nonetheless, despite the lack of local interest and the media madness, the mountain community of Boulder will likely be dealing with this case for years to come. Prosecutors will keep investigating even if the grand jury comes up empty.