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Jonah Hill: "I don't deserve or expect your forgiveness"

Jonah Hill turned serious on the "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday night, addressing the controversy surrounding the homophobic slur he fired at paparazzi last weekend.

Hill, 30, had already apologized during a visit to Howard Stern's radio show for his comments, which were captured on video and posted by TMZ, causing a stir among the gay community and Hill fans alike.

On Tuesday night's "Tonight Show" episode Hill took the opportunity to apologize again, explaining how the "paparazzi guy" had been following him around "antagonizing" him and attacking him and his family "personally."

"I was genuinely hurt by this and made angry by this," Hill said. "And in response, I wanted to hurt him back, and I said the most hurtful word I couldn't think of at that moment. And I didn't mean this in the sense of the word, you know? I didn't mean it in a homophobic way."

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"That doesn't matter," Hill added. "How you mean things doesn't matter. Words have weight, and meaning. The word I chose was grotesque and no one deserves to say or hear words like that. I've been a supporter of the LGBTQ community my entire life. I completely let the members of that community, and everybody else, down when I used a word like that," Hill said. "My heart's broken and I am genuinely and deeply sorry to anyone who has ever been affected by that term in their life."

He went on to apologize, saying, "I don't deserve or expect your forgiveness."

Hill, who has been promoting his upcoming "22 Jump Street" film, made a plea to use his situation as an example of what not to do.

Watch the "Tonight Show" segment below:

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