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Jon Stewart and Louis C.K. got nostalgic on "The Daily Show"

Jon Stewart and Louis C.K. reminisced on Wednesday night's episode of "The Daily Show." Stewart welcomed the comedian to the show for his second-to-last episode hosting the satirical news show.

"I'm thrilled to be your last dude," C.K. said. "I came on behalf of comedy to say - I represent all comedy -just to say, you know, nice job."

The old friends reminisced about working together at the Comedy Cellar in New York at the beginning of their careers. "You were one of the first guys I ever saw there," C.K. said. "You were so great. I was like, 'Who's this little Jew? He's funny.'"

"That was the original title of my act: Little Funny Jew," Stewart responded.

C.K. was full of praise for Stewart's run as "The Daily Show" anchor. "It's really impressive that you did this show for this long and you kept it this good for this long," C.K. told Stewart. "It's really like one of the great comedy accomplishments of all time."

Despite sadness that Stewart will be leaving the show, C.K. said it was time.

"I think the most reliable way to take a good thing and make it go bad is to hold onto it too long. So you have to let it go," C.K. said. "Also, it's really time to go."

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