Jon Hamm sculpts with Elmo on "Sesame Street"

Jon Hamm has shed his Don Draper persona for a sculpting session with Elmo.

As part of the "Word of the Day" series, Hamm and the "Sesame Street" character (whose voice has noticeably changed since the departure of Kevin Clash) had to define the term sculpture.

While Elmo chiseled away, Hamm looked for other pieces of art as examples during their comedic bit together.

This latest segment is an example of "Sesame Street" keeping up with the times. The children's series has featured other notable guest stars in the past and has parodied adult TV dramas such as "True Blood" and "Downton Abbey."

Hamm filmed the segment as part of his guest spot on "Sesame Street." Check with PBS Kids to find out when the episode airs in your area.

Watch video above to see Hamm's reaction to Elmo's very lifelike finished product.

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