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Jon Gosselin Ready to Go to Court

Jon Gosselin, the star of a The Learning Channel (TLC) reality show formally known as "Jon & Kate Plus 8," told "Entertainment Tonight"'s Mary Hart he's ready to go to court.

Jon Gosselin Wants Kids Off TLC Show

Gosselin, Hart reported on "The Early Show", will tell his side of the story in a personal interview Friday night on "Entertainment Tonight. Gosselin will explain why he wants his children off television now. Gosselin and his now-estranged wife Kate Gosselin had filmed the series in their Pennsylvania home for two years.

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Jon tells Hart in the interview the financial incentive of doing the show "doesn't matter."

He said when he spoke with Kate about continuing the show she cites financial considerations.

Jon told Hart, "I'm like, 'It doesn't matter.' At what price is it going to be for your kids? I mean, are you going to like sacrifice their childhood for a couple bucks?"

The couple, according to the Associated Press, has made a reportedly $1 million for appearing on the show.

However, he has recently posted a sign on the gates of his Pennsylvania home, demanding TLC producers and film crew not enter their property. Jon's lawyers have also ordered TLC to halt production on the show, which is now called "Kate Plus Eight."

TLC, Hart reported, said they have stopped "direct filming" of the children. Kate Gosselin says her priority's is her children's well being.

Hart pointed out to Gosselin his actions seem motivated by the fact he was taken off the show's title.

"I don't care about 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' I don't care about TLC," he said. "I want my kids off television. The most important thing to me is getting my kids off television."

The entire interview with Hart will air Friday on "Entertainment Tonight." Check you local listings for times.

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