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Like many others from my generation, I grew up, watching Bill Cosby. Whether at the Huxtable house, a Jello commercial or on Kids Say The Darndest Things, watching him - even now- makes me feel like a kid again. Cosby's wise, yet youthful charm and gab are infectious and have always brought a smile or laugh to people of all ages.

So it was funny to see him moving into the social media neighborhood in October. Overnight, Cosby seemed to implant himself everywhere - Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, 12secondsTV and even the live streaming destination, UStreamTV.

Some in the space embraced their favorite TV dad taking on the web. Others have wondered why someone like Cosby- a veteran who's been around the block- would want to jump into this new media sandbox. I thought I'd welcome him into my community, like any good, curious online neighbor would by sending him a public tweet, which included my own 12 seconds-long TV question:

hey @billcosby I would luv 2 start 1st @12second interview w/ u! on

And so my conversation with not just Bill Cosby, but the newly-launched @billcosby began.

Then today it showed up! I was excited - like any fan, follower, ahem, I mean, friend would be - to see Cosby's Twitter video reply back to me:

Response to Shira Lazar's '12 Seconds' Question from Bill Cosby on Vimeo.

So my friends… what should I ask Cosby next? Be part of our conversation.
Leave a comment here or tweet me with your question @shiralazar. I may just include it in the next video!

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