Johns Hopkins Shooting Turns Prestigious Hospital into Crime Scene

A police vehicle arrives at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where a shooting was reported Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010. Baltimore police set up a tactical operation to deal with a gunman who is holed up on the eighth floor of Johns Hopkins hospital after shooting a doctor. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says some parts of the hospital are being evacuated, but not the entire massive complex in east Baltimore.
AP/Alex Dominguez
A police car arrives at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. (AP/Alex Dominguez)

BALTIMORE (CBS/AP) One of the nation's most prestigious hospitals, Johns Hopkins, became a crime scene today, when the distraught son of a woman hospitalized there shot her and her doctor before turning the gun on himself.

The shooter and his mother, Jean Davis, died. The doctor, David B. Cohen, underwent surgery and was expected to survive.

Baltimore police identified the shooter as Paul Warren Pardus of Arlington, Va. They say he had become emotionally distraught over his mother's condition.

Dr. Cohen, an orthopedic surgeon, collapsed just outside Davis's hospital room.

A nurse at the hospital said Pardus was upset about his mother's treatment was threatening to jump out of a window before the shooting occurred, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Michelle Burrell, who works in a hospital coffee shop, said she'd heard a similar story.

"Basically, he was upset about his mother being paralyzed by the doctor," Burrell said. "It's crazy."