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John Rich: Get Out And Vote

Country star John Rich is putting his cards on the table and lending his voice in support of presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, but he wants everyone to get out and vote no matter which candidate they choose.

"I think it's really important first and foremost for young Americans especially, who haven't voted or don't really get into the process, to make sure they understand both of these candidates and vote this time around. No matter which side you're on," Rich told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

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As a young artist with a large audience, the singer-songwriter stressed the importance of registering to vote.

Rich, half of the Nashville duo Big and Rich, is carrying his message through his new song, "Raisin' McCain."

"I grew up as a conservative and I'm voting for John McCain. I think he is an incredible man and would be an incredible president," he said.

Smith pointed out that fellow country singer Big Kenny is a Sen. Barack Obama supporter. [See Editor's Note below]

"Kenny loves everybody so he probably would try to vote for everybody all at the same time," Rich said. "I'm excited about it and excited to see this debate tonight and participate as an American and go vote on the fourth (Nov. 4). It's going to be an incredible year."

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Rich has been out on the campaign trail with McCain and performed for him a few times.

"He loves it and it gets him pumped," Rich admitted.

Surrounded by Obama supporters and bright Obama signs, Smith said with a chuckle "this may be one of the great First Amendment challenges of all time. But, because we believe in the First Amendment, we're going to let John go ahead and sing the song," Smith said.

Rich, 34, has written best-selling songs for country artists, including Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" and Faith Hill's "Mississippi Girl."

Editor's Note: This story was updated on 10/7/08 to reflect that "Big Kenny", not Kenny Chesney is a Barack Obama supporter.

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