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John Podesta meets with House Intel about Russia's efforts to influence 2016 election

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman, met behind closed doors Tuesday with members of the House Intelligence Committee as part of the panel's investigation into Russia's efforts to meddle in the presidential election.

"They asked me to come forward to give to the best of my knowledge what I knew about that, and I was happy to cooperate with the committee in their investigation of Russia interference with the democratic process in the United States," Podesta said on camera after the meeting.

Podesta said that the panel's chairman asked him to not publicly disclose specific questions and answers discussed during the meeting. 

Podesta's personal email account was hacked during the election and WikiLeaks released batches of his email interactions every day starting last October. The U.S. intelligence community suggested in its Jan. 6 report that Russia was likely behind this effort.

Asked if the Obama administration did enough to call Russia out ahead of the election, Podesta said Tuesday, "I think the president and the entire administration were dealing with an unprecedented incidence of the weaponization of the fruits of Russian cyber activity, and I think they were trying to make the best judgments they could on behalf to the American people."

CBS News' Katie Ross Dominick contributed to this report.

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