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John McCain's Problems With Polls Continue

There's been little by way of good news for Sen. John McCain in the polls these past two weeks. And the bad news just keeps pouring in.

From Bloomberg:

John McCain is losing ground with older Americans, a group that consistently has high turnout at the voting booth. Barack Obama jumped to a 46-42 percent lead among those 65 and older in the latest Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll. That's an 18 percentage-point swing since mid-August, when the poll showed McCain with a 50-36 percent advantage.

Just looking at the two candidates side by side in Friday's debate will tell anyone who's breathing and can stand up unaided that John McCain is not going to get the youth vote. Young evangelicals, perhaps, but that's a minority of young voters.

Senator McCain did himself no favors in Friday night's debate:

A majority of debate watchers in a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Saturday picked Obama over Republican John McCain when asked which candidate offered the best proposals to solve the country's problems, 52%-35%. They said Obama did better overall in the debate than McCain, 46%-34%.

Now, where's that rabbit I mentioned last week?

By Bonnie Erbe

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