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John McCain's 180s--He Twirls Like A Boomerang On The Financial Crisis

Sen. John McCain's speech in Wisconsin this morning is as full as 180-degree turns as an unending ride on a boomerang. I have noted the 180s below and noted how they conflict with his earlier positions:

As Senator Obama's leader in Congress memorably put it the other day--and I quote --"no one knows what to do." (180--McCain admitted months ago economic issues were not his strong suit.) Perhaps given that reaction, it shouldn't surprise us that the Congressional leaders of this do-nothing Congress also said that they weren't going to take action until after the election, claiming that it wasn't their fault. (180--again, he's never claimed economic expertise until recently and indeed said this week that the government should not bail out AIG, until he reversed course on the same day and agreed the government should.) I am hopeful that last night's discussions are a sign they have changed their mind (180--as has he) and will take action soon. But any action should be designed to keep people in their homes (180--which he once said should not be the province of the government) and safeguard the life savings of all Americans by protecting our financial system (180--again philosophical reversal.)

By Bonnie Erbe

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