John McCain tweets 60 Minutes is "must-watch" TV

Sen. John McCain was among the viewers who voiced their reactions to the 60 Minutes story “Poisoned,” calling it a “must-watch” feature

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Sunday’s 60 Minutes featured a story on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of some of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most outspoken critics. The story included interviews with former journalist and activist Vladimir Kara-Murza who says he survived near-fatal poisoning not once, but twice.

Arizona Senator John McCain, who has been a vocal supporter of Kara-Murza’s on the Senate floor, urged his followers to watch Kara-Murza’s story.

But some viewers weren’t so sure McCain was recommending quality journalism.

Others thought President Donald Trump was unfairly inserted into the story.

Another follower thought the broadcast missed the mark by not bringing Trump into the report enough.

Some viewers wonder why the focus on Russia. Where are the domestic risk assessments?

And a number of 60 Minutes’ followers had doubts about Kara-Murza’s claim that he survived TWO poisonings. (We were skeptical too)

Poisoned again? 05:59

But many were just happy he survived.