John McAfee Update: Software founder is now in Guatemala, lawyer says

John McAfee speaks out from Guatemala

(CBS) -- Software company founder John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning in a murder in Belize, is now in Guatemala, his lawyer Telesforo Guerra told CNN Espanol Tuesday. Guerra is the former Attorney General of Guatemala.

McAfee says in a blog posting that "if all goes well" he plans to hold a press conference on Wednesday. The software mogul is wanted for questioning in connection with the killing of fellow American ex-pat Gregory Viant Faull, who was shot to death at the Belize island where they both had homes in early November.

Since then, McAfee has refused to turn himself in for questioning saying he fears Belizean police would kill him.

On his website, McAfee offers Tuesday to meet the Prime Minister of Belize in a neutral country.

"It is entirely possible that you have little or no knowledge of the level of corruption being propagated throughout every branch of your government," McAfee addresses the Prime Minister in the newest post. "I will turn over to you thousands of hours of video and audio as proof, providing that we meet as gentlemen and are mutually convinced of our honesty."

According to various media reports, Vice magazine inadvertently revealed McAfee's location in Guatemala thanks to location information embedded in the photo posted along with a story on its website entitled "We Are with John McAfee Right Now, Suckers."

Police in Belize have called McAfee a "person of interest" in the slaying of Faull and asked him to turn himself in for questioning. He has not been charged, however, and thus can travel at will.

Faull was shot to death in his home, a couple of houses down from the compound where McAfee kept several noisy dogs, armed guards and entertained a steady stream of young women brought in from the mainland. McAfee acknowledges that his dogs were bothersome and that Faull had complained about them, but denied killing Faull. Several of the dogs were poisoned shortly before Faull's killing.

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