John McAfee Update: Software founder in Miami, says U.S. authorities have not questioned him

Software company founder John McAfee leaves an migration detention center for the La Aurora international airport in Guatemala City, Wednesday Dec. 12, 2012. McAfee was released from detention in Guatemala and is being deported to the U.S. McAfee was detained last week for immigration violations after he sneaked into Guatemala from neighboring Belize, where authorities sought to question him about the murder of his neighbor.
AP Photo/Moises Castillo

(CBS/AP) MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Anti-virus software founder John McAfee said Thursday that U.S. authorities have made no efforts to question him since he arrived in Miami after weeks of evading Belizean authorities who want to ask him about the death of his neighbor.

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"Why would they want to question me, about what?," McAfee said to reporters on Thursday outside his South Beach hotel.

McAfee was deported from Guatemala after sneaking in illegally from Belize, where police want to question him in connection with the death of Gregory Viant Faull, a U.S. expatriate, who lived near him on an island off Belize's coast. U.S. officials said there was no active arrest for warrant for McAfee that would justify taking him into custody.

McAfee said he plans to stay in Miami until his girlfriend, 20-year-old Belizean Samantha Vanegas, and a woman he called "Amy" could join him.

The 67-year-old British native said he has no money and no home in the U.S. and has been getting by on cash that a Canadian friend sent him until his property manager comes to Miami with his cash and credit cards.

If he's reunited with the women, he said he doesn't know where he'll live or how he'll rebuild his life. Over the weekend, he said he would be happy to go to England, noting he has dual citizenship.

McAfee alleges that dozens of officials in Belize raided his property there several times, killed his dogs, handcuffed him for hours and tried to extort money. He has not been formally charged with a crime.

He said he had no choice but to flee Belize because "there was a nationwide manhunt for me" and he worried he would be thrown in a cell and silenced if captured. He claims officials in Belize also trumped up charges against him for running a meth lab out of his home and hiring security guards without a license, he said.

"Did I kill Mr. Faull? No, let me be clear. I had absolutely nothing to do with the murder in Belize."

He begged the State Department to expedite visas for his girlfriend. Vanegas had accompanied him when he was on the run, but did not go with him to the U.S.

McAfee said he faked a heart attack in Guatemala to give his lawyer enough time to file motions keeping him from returning to Belize.

McAfee has been pronounced by Belizean police as a person of interest in the killing of Faull and authorities have urged him to show up for questioning. McAfee has said he feared he would be killed if he turned himself in to Belizean authorities.

Belize's Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, has expressed doubts about McAfee's mental state, saying: "I don't want to be unkind to the gentleman, but I believe he is extremely paranoid, even bonkers."

McAfee has been known to lead an eccentric life since he sold his stake in the software company named after him in the early 1990s and moved to Belize about three years ago to lower his taxes.

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