John Gotti, Jr.: The 60 Minutes interview

Five years after his 2010 60 Minutes interview, Gotti, Jr. now admits that he played a leadership role in the Gambino crime family

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A special post from Ira Rosen, who produced the John Gotti, Jr. profile which originally aired April 11, 2010:

Five years ago we ran the first major interview with John Gotti, Jr., who ran the Gambino Crime family, the largest organized crime family in the country. Gotti, Jr. went through four trials in five years and was never convicted, and after the case, retired to his home in Long Island, New York. Since our 2010 broadcast, Gotti, Jr. began to produce a movie with actor John Travolta and he just completed a self-published book, titled "Shadow of My Father." John Gotti, Jr. now admits for the first time that he had a leadership role in the crime family. He also reveals new details about how the Mafia operates, which he was reluctant to discuss when he first sat down with 60 Minutes. As for the government, they have so far decided not to pursue another case against him.

John Gotti Jr. and actor John Travolta participate in a press conference for the film "Gotti: Three Generations," based on the life of John Gotti, at The Sheraton Hotel on April 12, 2011 in New York. AP