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John Fetterman released from D.C. hospital; tests show no signs of a second stroke, his office says

Sen. John Fetterman was discharged from a Washington, D.C., hospital Friday, his office announced, two days after being admitted for "feeling lightheaded" during a Senate retreat. 

Fetterman was discharged from George Washington University Hospital, his office said in a statement, adding that multiple medical tests "ruled out a stroke" and showed "no evidence of seizures."

"John is looking forward to spending some time with his family and returning to the Senate on Monday," the statement read. 

The Pennsylvania Democrat had been hospitalized since Wednesday after he began feeling lightheaded while on a Senate Democratic retreat in Washington D.C., his office previously reported.  

New Dem Senators with Schumter
File: John Fetterman (D-PA) walks in the U.S. Capitol building on Nov. 15, 2022 in Washington, DC. Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In May of last year, during his Senate campaign, the 53-year-old Fetterman, then Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, suffered a stoke and underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker. 

Although by October his doctor had released a letter saying he would not have any work restrictions, Fetterman's health became a central issue during the campaign, as his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, repeatedly questioned whether Fetterman was fit to serve in the Senate.

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