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John Edwards Sex Tape Being Sought?

The ongoing soap opera involving John Edwards and his ex-mistress has taken another bizarre turn.

The two-time failed presidential candidate's former mistress, Rielle Hunter, has obtained a court order demanding that a former Edwards aide turn over videotapes and photos Hunter says belong to her, reports CBS News Correspondent Tara Mergener.

Andrew Young's tell-all book, "The Politician," which is slated to hit stores Saturday, makes the explosive claim that Young found a sex tape made by Hunter and Edwards just months before the January 2008 Iowa caucus, Mergener says.

Do the materials Hunter is after include that tape?

According to the Maj. Charles Blackwood of the Orange County, N.C. Sheriff's Office, the restraining order "speaks to video recordings and photographs that depict matters of a private and personal nature."

Young refused to hand over the tapes and photos to the Sheriff's Office on Thursday, reports Mergener.

Blackwood says Young "didn't comply, but he wasn't necessarily non-compliant."

Young says the tape in question clearly shows John Edwards but, notes Mergener, the woman in the tape is harder to identify. Young says she is seen wearing a thumb ring similar to one that Hunter frequently wears.

Edwards has admitted fathering a child with Hunter, and he and his wife of 32 years, Elizabeth Edwards, have separated.