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Joe Montana and the 49ers may do battle over parking

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Joe Montana may be at loggerheads with his former team, the San Francisco 49ers, over the issue of parking.

Montana is planning to build a hotel and entertainment center across from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara -- the new home of the Niners, reports CBS San Francisco. It has already been approved by the city.

But there's a hitch. It turns out there are more than 800 parking spaces on Montana's site that the 49ers say they need for their stadium.

Now the city of Santa Clara has been looking for parking elsewhere to make up the difference but, so far, the Niners have been thumbs-down on those spaces, saying they're either too far away or just not ready for prime-time.

It appears the 49ers do have the option to nix the Montana plan if they don't get necessary parking and they've let the city of Santa Clara know they just might do that.

Montana and the 49ers famously parted ways under less-than-friendly terms in 1993 when an up-and-coming Steve Young supplanted him as the team's quarterback. He has remained unsentimental about his time as a 49er, despite leading the team to four Super Bowl victories.