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Joe Biden's favorite Obama-Biden meme revealed

Humorous memes of former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden flooded social media in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

Users shared photos of the two leaders and self-proclaimed “brothers,” captioned with imaginary and hilarious conversations. Biden, America’s “Uncle-in-Chief,” typically was the focus of the joke — unbeknownst to him, until recently.

In an interview with Biden’s daughter, Ashley, published on the website Money-ish on Monday, the world finally found out how he felt about becoming a viral sensation.

Ashley Biden said her father just recently learned he was at the center of a viral meme craze. When he first saw the memes, which celebrated his “bromance” with the former president, he “sat there for an hour and laughed,” she told the site.

She also revealed which one was his favorite: an image of him and Obama hugging alongside their wives, Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

“See? Doesn’t this feel right?” the meme reads.

“Joe I’m not leaving my wife for you.”

“You said we’d be together forev-” 

“8 years. I said 8 years.”

The tweet with that caption has been retweeted more than 2,300 times and received more than 3,600 likes since it was posted on Oct. 17, 2016.

Ashley Biden, who spoke to Money-ish to promote her new hoodie collection, Livelihood, said the two leaders will always have a special bond — and their so-called “bromance” is all too real.

“My parents had a nice relationship with the Obamas and still do,” she said, noting that Malia and Sasha Obama are best friends with her nieces Finnegan and Maisy and played on the same sports teams.

In case you missed it, here are some of the most popular Obama-Biden memes that were shared back in November:

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