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Joe Biden to campaign in Tampa during GOP convention

Vice President Joe Biden speaks Monday, August 13, 2012, during a rally at the Durham Armory in Durham, North Carolina. Differences between the Democratic and Republican tickets are stark on issues from taxes to education to spending Biden said. (Travis Long/Raleigh News Observer/MCT via Getty Images) Raleigh News & Observer

(CBS News) President Obama's re-election campaign is intent on sharing the spotlight with the Republican party next week in Tampa, Fla.

The campaign announced today that Vice President Joe Biden will hit the campaign trail in the Tampa area and other cities Monday and Tuesday -- at the same time the Republican National Committee starts in Tampa.

Mitt Romney will formally accept the Republican nomination for president on Thursday, August 30, at the GOP convention.

Typically, candidates' running mates hit the campaign trail during the week of the opposition's convention, though not necessarily in the same city where the convention is being held.

Obama campaign spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters that the Obama campaign -- including Mr. Obama himself -- will hit the road next week because "this is a close election and we need to compete for every vote that we can compete for."

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"And that's one of the reasons the president will be spending some time on the campaign trail the week of the Republican convention," she said. "And he'll be reaching out to voters, having conversations about the economy, middle-class taxes, affordable health care and having access to that."

The Obama campaign is also investing in television airtime in Tampa during the week of the Republican convention.

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