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Jobs for Grads

Athough manufacturers lost some jobs last year, the nation's unemployment rate held pretty steady in February, and the job market for graduating college students is looking good. CBS MarketWatch Correspondent Stacey Tisdale reports.

Chris Leavell thinks the job market will be very kind to him when he graduates from college this year.

"I don't anticipate much trouble,"Chris Leavell, student

Recent economic reports support his claim. The economy created 275,000 new jobs in February alone, and the unemployment rate stands at a meager 4.4 percent.

Still, some analysts say the job market may not be so kind to the graduating Class of '99.

Sot "Employers are facing many money worries, including rising interest rates and health care costs. And, that's causing many to cut back on their recruiting decisions this year," says john challenger/employment analyst/challenger, gray, and christmas

Challenger says graduates should go to potential employers and ask for any type of job, whether it be copying reports, or running errands, just to get their foot in the door. In addition, he says graduates should already have their job search in high gear.

"I wouldn't take the summer off this year. It's probably the time to go out and find your job. Get in place and then take your vacation," he says.

But some think Challenger is being an alarmist.

"Basically, this is the kind of market where almost anybody looking for a job can find one, " says Gail Fosler, chief economist at The Conference Board.

Economist Gail Fosler thinks the Class of '99 is on the winning side of supply and demand.

Gail Fosler
"Unlike we baby boomers that had to compete with a huge population, today's graduates are a relatively small demographic. I think businesses are looking for talent.

The Labor Department says the technology, healthcare, and public relations fields will create the most jobs over the next few years.

The good news for graduates, these are fields that require higher education.

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